Kingspan Insulated Panels



Kingspan Insulated Panels is the global leader in the design, development and manufacture of products and solutions for advanced buildings. Energy-efficiency is in our DNA, from manufacturing the most thermally-efficient and air-tight insulated panel building envelopes with integrated solar PV and smart lighting systems, to providing services that support sustainable building techniques.

Our work enables property developers, building owners, designers, contractors and insurers to create innovative buildings that deliver wold-class energy efficiency, safety and design. We have always operated with a clear sense of purpose: to lead the field in high performance insulation using our practical solutions-led approach.

  1. KS1000RW (40,60,100)mm

  2. KS1000TD (34, 46, 68 ,100)mm

  3. KS1000CS (50,75,100,150)mm

  4. KS1000CR (45,50)mm


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